My Idea Factory - By Ludovic Perrichon

About me : Ludovic Perrichon

My name is Ludovic Perrichon. I was born in 1989. I have got a real passion for web developement (Front and Back ends). I have discovered and started my career as a web developer in 2011.

From High school to Web developer
When I was younger, I used to ride bmx, record my friends and myself and do video editing. Because of the interest I had in video cameras, during my high school period I asked an audiovisual company if it was possible to show me jobs in the audiovisual industry. I spent a week during my holidays with this company.

After high school, I wanted to be an video technician. I went to an audiovisual shcool and after 2 years I was in the audovisual industry as a video technician.

After a year as an audiovisual technician and a year in Australia, I went to a shcool to get a bachelor in managing multimedia project in aprenticeship. I have discovered web developement, I wanted to keep going in this domain. And now I am a web developer.

From just a Web developer to a SharePoint / Office 365 Developer
At the begining I was on Javascript / jQuery and a couple of PHP projects. One day my manager came to me and told me "We have got a SharePoint 2010 project. We have already set the server up, but we have no idea how to do the developement. You are going to be the developer on this one.". After a week formation and a some hard month the project was done. Just after this one, a new SharePoint project came. I was really into it.

Year after year, the number of SharePoint projects decreased in this company and they started to switch to others technologies. I realized that I wanted to be a SharePoint developer. So I decided to quit my first job in this company as Web/SharePoint developer. Even if I quitted this company, I am really thankful for the way they introduced me to web developement.

I have joined Abalon. A company made by Nathalie and Patrick Guimonet. Two persons full of passion for Microsoft web technologies. Outside the company, they organise meeting all around the world about SharePoint. They manage their company with passion and humanity. It's a real pleasure to work with them. Today I am a SharePoint / Office 365 developer. I am acquired more and more experience each day in this company.

I am doing this blog to share with you some of my experiences. You will be able to find some tips, advices and projects I have done around SharePoint, Office 365, web developement and video.

Outside developement
Like I said below, I used to ride BMX. Because of an accident I can't ride like before. But I am still into it. I am also surfing and practicing street workout.

My other passion is to travel. I have been to few countries so far and I was a year in Australia (with a WHV). It has changed my life. Australia has a huge place in my heart.

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